Nature By Numbers - Los Angeles Progressive Rock Band

  • Thomas Golden - Vocals
    Thomas Golden - Vocals
  • Chris Golen - Bass
    Chris Golen - Bass
  • John Hoik - Drums
    John Hoik - Drums
  • Joel Martinez - Guitars
    Joel Martinez - Lead Guitar
  • Garret Bever - Guitars
    Garret Bever - Rythm Guitar

Nature By Numbers

Band Biography

Nature By Numbers is a southern California based progressive rock band formed in 2010. Long time friends and collaborators, guitarist Garret Bever and bassist Chris Golen and newfound music soulmate, drummer John Hoik, began writing music. Unbeknownst to them, this music would soon become the foundation for a project that would prove to be their most ambitious. They created a brand of rock with substance and dynamic while pushing the boundaries and limitations of rhythm and structure.

Soon thereafter, experienced guitarist Joel Martinez came to the group, adding ethereal tones and exotic chordal voicings. This wasn't to be a rock band directed toward super-stardom and monetary gain, it was to be a collective centered around solid musicianship and encouraging personal creativity. For several months the foursome worked tirelessly to redefine and craft their sound, while searching for a unique, talented vocalist: one who could add a spirit to the soaring twists and wrenching, explosive movement of the music. The band held several rounds of vocal tryouts with limited success. There were many talented singers, but none who quite fit the expectations and hopes of the whole group. They then contacted an experienced local vocalist named Thomas Golden, who was conveniently available to work with a new project. The collaboration was extremely successful, and the band began to create as a cohesive unit.

Nature By Numbers strives to continue to stay true to their unique path, unwavered by the pop trends and musical stigmas plaguing the music industry, with the goal of achieving something new and exciting. This is where their story truly begins...